WROPOL Engineering is an engineering company that has been designing and manufacturing specialized machines and devices for 37 years, meeting the requirements of its customers and partners in the field of:

  1. Hydraulic drives, i.e.:
    •  – hydraulic cylinders up to Ø500
    •  – hydraulic power units
    •  – valves ZO, ZZ, ZDZ, ZSZ
    • – hydraulic blocks and other elements of hydraulic systems.
  2. Hydraulic presses BISON for briquetting biomass and metal chips.
  3. Technological and special machines.
  4. Special-purpose machines with own drive and PLC control.
  5. Universal hydraulic presses for bending and straightening.

As our own product, for 30 years, we have been making presses for briquetting biomass (sawdust) and metal chips with emulsion recycling.

Our experienced, professional team of engineers is committed to applying innovative technical solutions, and thus our partners benefit from our experience.

We supplement our knowledge through cooperation with scientific and research institutions.

Please find attached our sample realizations of special machines:

  1. Hydraulic cylinders.
  2. Hydraulic power packs.
  3. Bison briquetting press.
  4. Universal press for bending and straightening.
  5. Telescopic frame – welding station for large structures.