Hydraulic Actuators

We are a recognized and valued producer of hydraulic actuators/hydraulic cylinders which are distinguished by the highest precision of manufacture, and ensure reliability and continuity of operation under all conditions 


We manufacture high-quality hydraulic actuators. We use piston rods with chrome (Cr), nickel-chrome (NiCr) coating, ‘antysol’ coating, copper clad piston rods (Cu ‘CuHYBRID’) resistant to the influence of aggressive salt environments. We use the best materials and modern equipment during production thanks to which you can be certain of the highest quality of the products and services offered. We allow you to design your own hydraulic cylinder. We invite you to (learn about our technical capabilities and the range of services rendered by us) review all the technical parameters of our actuators

Technical data

  • Piston: Ø 25mm ÷ Ø 500mm
  • Piston rod: Ø 16mm ÷ Ø 250mm
  • Stroke: up to 5000mm
  • Nominal pressure: Pn = 35MPa (350 bar)
  • Test pressure: Pp = 1.5 x Pn
  • Piston speed of motion: Vmax = 0.5m/s
  • Temperature range:

    • operating substance temperature: -25°C ÷ +200°C (248°K ÷ 473°)
    • ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +100°C (253°K ÷ 373°K)
  • Operating substance: hydraulic oils with viscosity v = 10cSt ÷ 450cSt, water, emulsions, Required nominal accuracy of operating substance filtering <100µm, Total efficiency >0,95
  • Accessories:

    • piston rod ends: screwed on, screwed in, welded, special on request
    • control non-return twin valves Z2S6, Z2S10 &#8211;
    • cartridge valves made by SUN, HYDAC
    • sensors which measure the piston rod output stroke within the range from 25mm to 4000mm.
  • For actuator production, we use sealings made by BUSAK-SHAMBAN, MERKEL, HALLITE, SIMRIT or as required by the client. WROPOL ENGINEERING applies the finite-element method (FEM) to design the actuators