Apart from the design and manufacture of power hydraulic elements and process equipment, we also render the service of overhauling special actuators. We use only high quality proven materials.

Machining assemblies and parts on CNC machines

  • Turning details on CNC lathing machines (2-4 axes):
    max. turning diameter – 500mm
    for 4 axes – 366mm
    max. turning length – 1250mm
    for 4 axes – 705mm
  • Milling on 5 axial milling centres
    tables – 700mm x 2900mm
    motions in axes:: x – 2600mm; y – 700mm; z – 700mm
  • Milling on 3 axial milling centres:
    Tables – 508mm x 1220mm
    motions in axes: x – 1016mm; y – 508mm; z – 711mm

Obróbka zespołów i części na obrabiarkach uniwersalnych

  • Turning details on lathes::
    max. turning diameter – 1200mm
    max. turning length – 6000mm
  • Grinding planes
    max. grinding length – 550mm
    max. grinding width – 220mm
    max. lifting of spindle axis above the table – 400mm
  • Grinding rollers:
    max. grinding length – 2000mm
    max. grinding diameter – 300mm
  • Wytaczarka AD-125:
    stół obrotowy o wymiarach – 1400mm x 1400m
    max. wysokość obrabianej powierzchni 1200mm
    max. ciężar obrabianego detalu 5t